Smith Rock in 3D

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Smith Rock is a world-reknowned climbing cathedral based in Central Oregon. This amazing natural structure attracts climbers not only for the great traverses available, it also is simply a beautiful, magical space to sit, meditate, and marvel at this landmass of rocky spires in the middle of the desert.

In this video, we showcased what is possible with photogrammetry using CapturingReality software, drone mapping, and the use of Unreal Engine 5 for the realism it can produce.

If you watch all the way through, you might just be amazed at what is possible with visualization technology. We love to create this stuff and would partner with you on any project like this without hesitation. Toward the end of this video, you will see photorealism like no other.

This is the stuff dreams are made of – or in this case, a DreamScape… for more information –

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For insights on how this visualization was made, check out the video below. A big shout out to Epic Games for supporting our project promotion and sharing it with the world!

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