Designing Contribution: Visualizing what could BE

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There is a saying:

You are what you think.

What does it take to create something in one’s life that has never been imagined? Drawing from the concept of ‘perceptual blindness’, I recall a story from college about aborigines and the first time they saw a photograph. They did not understand what they were looking at, even though the photograph was of themselves. It just didn’t register in their imagination. Further back still the are the stories of Native Americans seeing ships for the first time, which did not translate in their existing visual vocabulary. Fascinating.

We can put this to the test immediately. Go find your grandma and explain what augmented reality is to her in say, 60 seconds. Better yet, demonstrate what it is. Please report your findings… Many blessings to our grandma’s still out there – (Note: If your grandma is a techie and blogs about the latest in 3D, 4D, or higher technology, please have her email us directly. We are always looking for writers.)

It is important to note that technology is inhibited only by our imagination. There is another important saying I’ve learned:


That is to say that if there is a want or need someone has, then the first to find it has the leverage. I challenge you dear reader to keep your ears and eyes open to the opportunities all around you each and every day. These may manifest as something simple like recognizing that the arrangement of your favorite store could be a little more efficient, or perhaps, like Elbert Botts (as in Bott’s Dots), seeing a need and finding a way to meet that need. Further, it is so very important that you consider stepping into your “passing thoughts” regarding this matter. You just may have something that will change our lives for the better.

During the next little while, we will consider the implications of an active imagination and the implementation thereof. Bringing your dreams and ideas to life may not be as impossible as you may think.

“But,” you may say, “I am not well funded, live in my mom’s basement, and play Xbox most of the night. How can I possibly come up with a good idea?”

Good question. One we continue to wrestle with…


ToPa 3D~