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Bethlehem Inn Fitness Step Challenge

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We are proud to announce results from a collaboration between Fortis Construction, Inc.ToPa 3D, and several other sub-contractors for the April Fitness Step Challenge for fitness. The ToPa 3D team logged 13,701 average daily steps ranking the highest of all teams participating!
Proceeds of this charitable challenge went to Bethlehem Inn here in Central Oregon. 😇

Bethlehem Inn is a non-profit organization that ToPa 3D supports to help people achieve what all humans deserve – a fresh start.🙏

Bethlehem Mission: Transforming Lives Together Through Shelter, Help, and Hope

Bethlehem Vision Statement: Ending homelessness in Central Oregon together.

Consider supporting Bethlehem Inn today and help people transform their lives through compassion~
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Bethlehem Inn
ToPa 3D and Fortis Construction donate to Bethlehem Inn, Central Oregon